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What are your short & sweet marketing tips?

Marketing is all around us, everyone is doing it, but is everyone doing it correctly?

We wanted to share with you some of our little tips, they may not look much but it’s the finer details that make all the difference.

  1. Ensure any hyperlinked words/phrases are in bold
  2. On your website never hyperlink the word ‘here’. Eg “You can find our services here” – instead hyperlink the whole sentence or the word ‘services’ for better SEO. Re-word the sentence “You can find this on our services page”.
  3. Hyperlink images where possible – people are more likely to hover their mouse or press their finger on an image than they would a word.
  4. Avoid writing “Our company offers…” instead say something like “If you choose us you’ll find…” Make it about the consumer and not you, the business.
  5. Social Media Marketing – If you create a post with a caption and various photos, ensure you caption the photos too. there’s a chance someone may land on the individual photo before seeing the full post.
  6. Whenever you post a hyperlink, ensure it goes through some source of tracking – that way you’ll be able to monitor what is and isn’t working.

We will be adding more little hints and tips soon but why not join in the discussion on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram page.

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